Sassanid camp for ADLG

This camp is not an original idea from me.  I snagged it from this guy who not only had the idea originally but executed it far better than I did (Better Original Idea).  But it’s a great idea, so I scaled it down to use from my Sassanid camp for ADLG.  In ADLG you need a camp.  The size is pretty small and these two stands make a camp that’s a little larger than the ADLG spec.  But it gave me a little more room to put something characterful in the camp.


The figures on the left are from Baueda.  I put a face covering on using green stuff to make him an appropriate Zoroastrian priest.  The figures in the stand on the right are from Aventine.   They are a great figure set.  I created two stands so I can use the Zoroastrian in other armies.


I took some time to put a nice pattern on the Sassanid king and now I’m wishing I had put that kind of effort into my original Sassanid armies.  Surely I’ll not do a new Sassanid army just to make them look better?  Surely not.  I am starting on some Central Asian forces using the Aventine steppe nobles and Sogdians.  I’ll take the time to do that right.  I’m sure it will be time consuming, but I’m sure the figures will be beautiful when done that way too.

Also, camps can be fortified in ADLG.   I’m not sure what a fortified central asian camp would actually look like, but I got this waddle fencing set from Renedra and made these to surround my camp.  I need a couple more segments, but it was pretty easy to do.


Do take a look at the website that inspired me to do this and be amazed at what an excellent job he did.




One thought on “Sassanid camp for ADLG

  1. Burkhard

    Lovely work!

    While I have to say, that I really liked Atelier-Robins work, I have to say, i like your better. The bases are much less hectic which really draws the eye to the details.


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