Aventine Turks

Nothing like the start of a new army.IMG_4117.JPG

I’ve started working on a Central Asian force using Aventine figures.  These two come from their range of steppe cavalry nobles.  The guy holding the severed head is sold by himself as a champion.  The figure holding the standard comes from the lancer pack.  The two of them make up one of the general stands for ADLG.  These are awesome figures!


I ordered a steppe noble unit pack and I was amazed as their were 12 different horses in the pack of 12.  Yes, that is right, 12 different ones!  That’s amazing.

I’m working on a new army, or perhaps set of armies, for ADLG based in central asia.  I was inspired when Aventine released their Sogdians to do this, but it took me a little bit to get around to it.  You’ll soon see 4 stands of cav for ADLG that are a mix of steppe nobles and Sogdians making up the first 4 stands of my central asian army.  They will work for a bunch of different kinds of armies.  I have in mind Khurasanians, Sha-tuo Turks, and Abbasid Arabs for starters.  They look great.


These really are a lot of work to paint.  There is nothing hard about painting them, it’s just that there is so much detail that all needs some care.  I’ll give a fuller review of the figures when the first group of 12 pops off the line.  Soon.



3 thoughts on “Aventine Turks

  1. Nacho Viteri Letamendía

    Wow they are magnificents! I really like your style!
    On other hand about your future projects of armies based in Central Asia (I supposse that between the VII-X centuries) what do you think to include the Tibetans or one of the mighthy minor kingdoms of the Silk Road as the legendary Kingdom of Khotan?

    1. wssguy1706 Post author

      Thanks! Yes, I’m thinking of these as being suitable for many of the Central Asian kingdoms. I originally set out to do Khurasanians but I’ll need a bunch of infantry for that and I’m not sure what to use.

  2. Nacho Viteri Letamendía

    Wo they are magnificent! I really like your style!
    On other hand about your future projects of armies (I supposse that related with the “Great Game” for the control of Central Asia between the VIII-X A.D.) I think that could be a nice additions to include the Tibetans and maybe some of the legendary and mysterious minor kingdoms of the SIlk Road like the infamous Kingdom of Khotan.


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