Some foot that will be part of some Central Asian armies.  These figures are from Indus Miniatures.


They are sold as ghazis for a much later period.  I intend to use them as ghazis in an Abbasid army and they have a few other uses as Indian swordsmen types I imagine.  The figures are so nice and so easy to paint, I find myself asking whether there is a way to get a whole army of them.


I only learned about Indus Miniatures recently.  If you scroll down you’ll see a couple of elephants from them that a friend painted for me.  I had great service when I ordered, both times.

My photos don’t bring it out, but these are amazingly well sculpted figures – as nice as anything I’ve seen.  The shields are cast on, which makes the back of them more realistic, but it made me just leave the faces plain black – I can’t paint something like a shield freehand well in any circumstances, but not at all if it isn’t resting on a flat surface.

Anyway, look them up, they have a lot of nice stuff and the service is great.



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