Hungarian Hussars

I’ve finished mostly my ADLG Venetians.  I still have to get some more dismounted knights done, but I’ve got enough to field the army now.  Along the way I was thinking I might do Hungarians from the same period (post 1450) and painted a couple of stands of Hungarian hussars.  These figures are from The Assault Group.  I’m not sure what they are actually but they were on the painting bench and looked the part, so they got painted and named.


I generally prefer to use LBMS shield transfers but couldn’t find any for these so just painted them by hand.  The red one with the yellow pattern on the end came out pretty well, so overall I’m pleased with these.  The red one with the white dots looks better in person than in this photo.


I love The Assault Group eastern renaissance range.  I have an austensibly Hungarian army for the early Thirty Years War with more of the figs.  They are a joy to paint.  Clean-up has always been easy and they are sculpted nicely for my painting style.


I have a bunch of figures for my Venetians I hope to get up in the next few days.



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