Venetian Crossbowmen

I don’t like painting crossbowmen.  I’m not sure why.  I think it’s uncertainty about what the equipment looked like and the amount of details involved in painting all that equipment.  These are nice figures – Perry plastics.  They went together easily and they look good now that they are done.


I’m going with a red and white theme for all my Venetians.  The look is thematic not uniform.  The flag is from Pete’s flags.  It’s an excellent cloth flag.  I wish I had done a better job shaping it.  You can see it has some shaping to it, but not a lot.  That’s on me.


This group of figures makes up a couple of stands of crossbowmen for ADLG.  I can have up to 4 in the Venetian army, so I may do some more, but for now I’m good.



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