Venetian Halberdiers

I made these up from the Perry War of the Roses figures.  What makes them Venetian?  Not much really.  I’m not sure they look much like Venetians really looked based on the Ospreys I have – they seem to have been more armored.  But I put them in my red and white colors I’m using for the rest of the Venetians, et voila!


The figures are really nice.  They are very animated, so three figures on a 60×40 is about the most I can get.  I will use them as heavy foot in my ADLG Venetian army.  The poses would have to be a lot more restrained to get 4 of them on a base, so I’ll just have to call out to people they are heavy rather than medium.


I ran out of flags so these guys don’t have flags and I guess that can be good.  I can use them in other armies also.  I don’t know whether these would look appropriate for any Yorkist contingents in the War of the Roses?



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