Central Asian Camp Stand

IMG_4163.JPGThese are Perry Miniatures metals.  Lots, and lots, and lots, of cleanup needed.  But once that work is done, they are nice figures.  I need a camp for my Central Asian guys and these fit the bill pretty well.  Turks.  I wish they didn’t have the armbands – I’m not sure how prevalent those were other than during the Crusades, but I didn’t want to file them down and paint them out, so I made the most of them.

For ADLG you need a camp stand, and I have a rally nice Sassanid one, and a nice one for the Venetians.  I need to find cool figures for a Roman camp.  Tents are fine, just kind of dull.  So, if you have any pointers to anything that would look good for middle Romans, please point me to them.


We’ve been playing a lot of ADLG and for that you need a 60×120 camp.  I’ve made this one that size, but the others slightly larger to fit the figures and make a nice scene.


Next up is some Middle Imperial Roman auxilia.  They are done and photographed, just need to create a blog post for them.

After that it’s finishing up just a few more figures for the Central Asians.  Not sure what comes after that.




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