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Start of a smallish project.   Well, it could be a fairly large project but my part of it is small.  I’m doing the Japanese Carrier Strike Force for Midway.  Here are the carriers:


I guess you can read the labels :-).  The models are ghq.  This shot pretty much features the decals from Flight Deck decals: Link to Flight Deck Decals.  They are very nice. I was worried about whether they would be hard to use because of their size, but they went on really smoothly.


You may be able to see on the Kaga that the red bled into the white and gray of the decal.  I’m not sure exactly why.  I noticed this on one of the other decals as well, but on that one it only bled around the edge of the gray.  I painted over the gray with Foundry Slate Gray C which is pretty close to a perfect match for the gray on these decals.  I had a couple of touch up spots on the wooden flight decks and I used Golden Skin from Reaper for those.  I think I’ll paint some planes and put them on front of Kaga to better hide the bleed.



Now all I have to do is paint a couple of battleshipes, a couple of cruisers, a bunch of destroyers and I’ll be all done!



Selling Stuff

Getting rid of various odds and ends.  These are things that were part of projects that didn’t materialize mostly.  I’m interested in selling only in the Continental US and prefer to take paypal.  All prices are postage included for that.  The best thing to do if you are interested is drop me an email at aphillathehun at yahoo dot com.

First up is a set of walls.  I think it’s 40mm but it came as part of a 25mm farm set from Old Glory I think(?).  I put a coat of paint on it but then never really did the work to finish it.  I’ve shown a picture of a 28mm ACW artillery piece next to it so you can see the scale.  Those are some high walls if it’s supposed to be 28.  Anyway $25 for this.



Next up is a Rubicon T-34/76.  Finished, weathered with dust, and perfect for the Eastern Front.  $60.



I also have a pair of Rubicon Pz IV Fs.  A short barreled and a long barreled version.  They are decaled for 21st panzer I think – panzer gray with some light dusting.  I’ll take $55 for each of them.







I guess the rest of projects that haven’t materialized are all German now that I look.  Next up is a Blitzkrieg Panzer III.  I’m not sure what unit it is marked as.  But I went with a very dark panzer grey and a lot of dust weathering.  It’s high contrast.  I’ll take $55 for it.




Switching to late war I have some SdKfz 250s from Warlord Games.  I have two 250/1s each with a machine gunner and a 250/9.  I painted the 250/9 after a picture of an abandoned vehicle in Normandy belonging to 116th panzer IIRC.  I’ll take $55 for each of the 250/1s and would like $60 for the 250/9.



Second 250/1



And here’s the 250/9



And finally I have a 251/1.  I’m not sure whose model it is.  I think it’s a Warlord model.  I’d also like $60 for it.



Thanks for looking!



Central Asian Cavalry

I finally finished my second group of Central Asian Cavalry.  Figures are from Aventine.  They are mostly Sogdian horse archers but with some steppe nobles mixed in.


These are lovely figures.  This group is on unarmored horses.  For ADLG I will use them as ordinary heavy cavalry (and count the ones on armored horses as elite – when I need to distinguish between the two).  The shield transfers are from Little Big Men.


These are great figures.  Painting them is quite a bit of work.  You want some kind of pattern on their clothes, the bow cases, the quivers.  I’ve done something on all of that.  I’d like to have the skill to put really detailed patterns on all the clothes but I’ve added something on each that is kind of true to the local patterns.

I have some Sogdian lancers from Aventine I’d like to do up as well, but after I finish a couple of stands of Perry Arab cav I’m going to take a break from Central Asian stuff and focus on the War of the Roses for awhile.