Levy Longbowmen

More Perry WotR plastics.  I made this group up as levy longbowmen.  I kind of hated using them as levy as I’d like to use all those figs with livery jackets as liveried longbowmen.  But I painted a few of them up in shades of brown to depict levy.  I also used heads without helmets for these guys mostly.  The main purpose of this is to be able to distinguish them from retinue archers in Coat of Steel.  I really wish Perry would make some suitable figures as levy but alas.


The figures are great and easy to paint up like this – no livery badges to fiddle with.  I’ll need lots of them eventually.


In A Crown of Paper/A Coat of Steel magnates can raise levies in the various counties.  Most of them are archers but in the north and west you can also raise a lot of spearmen and in the south you can raise a lot of bills.  So I’ll need levies to use for each of these.  None of them are as good at what they do as retinues, of course, but numbers should count for something.  I have a couple of bills and a few spears done up, will post them here eventually.



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