Monthly Archives: August 2017


This is a 1/48 scale model of a KV-1 made by Hobby Boss.  This is the first plastic kit I’ve assembled since I was a teenager probably.  It is a great little kit.  I’d say it’s done,  but I’ve got a couple of things to fix, and I think I may want to do some more weathering.


When I went to do the final assembly, which is really just putting the turret on it, the turret no longer fit.  Before I started the painting it fit no problem.  I must have squished something somewhere along the line because even after quite a bit of filing it no longer slipped into its hole, and it still doesn’t turn.  I’d like to remeidate that, but right now, I just wanted to get it photographed.


There are two weathering things I want to do to it now that I’ve got it all together.  First, the treads had a nice bare metal effect on them before and that seems to not be as pronounced so I’ll redo that on the visible treads.  And I’d like there to be more dust on the vertical surfaces, in particular the sides of the turret.  All the dust is from a mixture of pigments and I’m not convinced that will work that great on the vertical surfaces, so I’ll probably work on finding an oil mixture that gets me a good effect.


The Hobby Boss kit is a charm.  There were a couple of small things I didn’t get right, but they aren’t really visible on the finished model so I’m not too worried about that.  I’m also working on one of their T-34 kits which is more challenging than this kit was.  The main difficulty with this kit was getting the tracks to fit.  On the one hand it’s pretty easy, but those final joins were a pain.  You can see a little inconsistency in that on the front track on this side.


I’m also not convinced by the rusty exhausts.  I know everyone does that, so I did it, but I might repaint them more black or something.

I highly recommend this kit.  I’ve been thinking about switching to 1/48 because of the greater realism of the vehicles.  I’m not sure how well they will hold up to gaming use though.  I don’t want to be repairing it after each game.  We’ll see.