Calpe Prussian Artillery

Finishing up another started unit.  This limbered 6lber has been sitting in a box next to my desk for years.  All painted, just not based.  I had glued the gun to the base so when I built up the base it would look like it had become buried in the mud.  It took me forever to just put it in water and pull it off the base to insert something underneath so it would be on the same level as the horses hooves and the men’s feet.  Glad I finally did it.


A large part of this is motivated by a new set of rules – General d’Armee – which we’ve played a couple of times recently.  It inspired me to finish basing a bunch of painted stuff, and even to paint a new unit.  Hopefully I’ll photograph my Steve Barber Westphalian lights soon.

The rest of the battery has been done for awhile.  The ammunication cart:


And the guns themselves:

I painted up a bunch of leaders for use in General d’Armee as AdCs.  This has made me remember how much I love Calpe miniatures.  I haven’t photographed all my napoleonics, but perhaps I’ll get to that soon.  I have close to 2000 figures.  I didn’t paint them all, perhaps not even half of them, but I’d like to document them.  And I’d like to get back to painting Calpe napoleonics.



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