Vexillations of Legio XVI Flavia Firma

These have been painted for awhile, just got around to finishing the bases.  Two cohorts of Legio XVI Flavia Firma, stationed on the border with Persia.  The complete what I need to field my Romans in Mortem et Gloriam.  Hopefully I can get a game in soonish.


Terrible pictures.  I’m not great at photographing miniatures – this time I’m sure it’s because I didn’t add any supplemental light.


These figures are by A&A.  I went with the rectangular shields with the shield pattern from Dura Europis.  I have no idea who carried those shields in actuality, but they look good on legionaries.  My other legions all carry oval shields.


There are two cohorts of 6 stands each.  I only put three figures on a stand – they fill the stand and look good at that density.


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