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Seven Years War 28mm Saxon Chevauxleger For Sale

I’m offering three regiments of 28mm SYW Saxon Chevauxleger for sale – each consist of 12 figures including command figures, based, and with the appropriate flag.  The miniatures are Eureka miniatures.  I’d like $120 each and $20 for postage in the Continental US.  If you buy all three I’ll pay postage.

First up is the Price Karl Chevauxleger.




Next is the Prinz Albrecht Chevauxlegers.




And finally the regiment Graf Bruhl





Frankish SAGA Army for Sale

Except for the monks, the figures are all Wargames Foundry.  I’d like $425 for the whole lot – that includes postage in the continental US.  Drop me a note at aphillathehun at yahoo dot com if interested.

There is a warlord.

There are 8 armored warriors that could be two groups of hearthguard or another group of warriors.


There are three groups of 8 unarmored warriors.


Two groups of 12 archers.


12 warrior monks and a bard.



This is a 1/48 scale model of a KV-1 made by Hobby Boss.  This is the first plastic kit I’ve assembled since I was a teenager probably.  It is a great little kit.  I’d say it’s done,  but I’ve got a couple of things to fix, and I think I may want to do some more weathering.


When I went to do the final assembly, which is really just putting the turret on it, the turret no longer fit.  Before I started the painting it fit no problem.  I must have squished something somewhere along the line because even after quite a bit of filing it no longer slipped into its hole, and it still doesn’t turn.  I’d like to remeidate that, but right now, I just wanted to get it photographed.


There are two weathering things I want to do to it now that I’ve got it all together.  First, the treads had a nice bare metal effect on them before and that seems to not be as pronounced so I’ll redo that on the visible treads.  And I’d like there to be more dust on the vertical surfaces, in particular the sides of the turret.  All the dust is from a mixture of pigments and I’m not convinced that will work that great on the vertical surfaces, so I’ll probably work on finding an oil mixture that gets me a good effect.


The Hobby Boss kit is a charm.  There were a couple of small things I didn’t get right, but they aren’t really visible on the finished model so I’m not too worried about that.  I’m also working on one of their T-34 kits which is more challenging than this kit was.  The main difficulty with this kit was getting the tracks to fit.  On the one hand it’s pretty easy, but those final joins were a pain.  You can see a little inconsistency in that on the front track on this side.


I’m also not convinced by the rusty exhausts.  I know everyone does that, so I did it, but I might repaint them more black or something.

I highly recommend this kit.  I’ve been thinking about switching to 1/48 because of the greater realism of the vehicles.  I’m not sure how well they will hold up to gaming use though.  I don’t want to be repairing it after each game.  We’ll see.



A small contingent for A Crown of Paper/A Coat of Steel.

Three stands of archers.  And a stand of men-at-arms.

The flags and the livery badges are from Citadel Six.  This is Henry Bouchier, Viscount Bouchier, who is an inactive magnate at the start of the 1459 campaign.  He might come in on the side of the Yorkists.

I love the green and black and loved the falcon livery banner so much I used it instead of the knot which is the badge on the retinue jackets.


WotR gonnes (mostly Perry)

You need a few guns for A Coat of Steel.  It’s not certain that you will ever have one in your army, but when you draw well-wishers in the campaign, you might get one.  Here is a light gonne:

The crew is from Perry Miniatures.  They are fine.  The gonne itself is an Old Glory model – a light gun from the old revenge range.  I spent a lot of time trying to make the Perry gun that came with the crew work, but it just didn’t get there.

This is the Perry Miniatures bombard.  This model required a lot of work, but in the end it’s pretty nice.


I’m not convinced I did the best job on the guys pulling up the mantlet with the rope.  Lead ropes are hard to work with.  That part came out kind of passably though, so I’m good with it.  I love the model.  The bombards and those support blocks behind them were really clean.  The rest of the figures you see here took a considerable amount of work to clean up the flash.


I put them in red so sort of Warwick livery-ish but non-descript enough that I could use them for any contingent I hope.  I might do some in blue and white also.


Ouch.  Now I see that I missed a part on painting the sides of the bases I’m going to have to touch up.


Levy Longbowmen

More Perry WotR plastics.  I made this group up as levy longbowmen.  I kind of hated using them as levy as I’d like to use all those figs with livery jackets as liveried longbowmen.  But I painted a few of them up in shades of brown to depict levy.  I also used heads without helmets for these guys mostly.  The main purpose of this is to be able to distinguish them from retinue archers in Coat of Steel.  I really wish Perry would make some suitable figures as levy but alas.


The figures are great and easy to paint up like this – no livery badges to fiddle with.  I’ll need lots of them eventually.


In A Crown of Paper/A Coat of Steel magnates can raise levies in the various counties.  Most of them are archers but in the north and west you can also raise a lot of spearmen and in the south you can raise a lot of bills.  So I’ll need levies to use for each of these.  None of them are as good at what they do as retinues, of course, but numbers should count for something.  I have a couple of bills and a few spears done up, will post them here eventually.



I spent some time finishing the basing on a lot of figures, so there should be a few updates coming fairly quickly.  Basing is the thing about this hobby I just can’t warm to.  So I save it for a long time and then just buckle down and do a whole bunch all at once.  Anyway, here is the Duke of York’s men-at-arms.


Three stands of men-at-arms.  That is the Duke on the stand on the right.  I painted his heraldy by hand.  It came out well, but perhaps not well enough to photograph up close.  These figures are from the Perry men-at-arms box.  The flags and livery badges are from Citadel Six.

Here’s another pic:


They are based on 60 wide by 30 deep Georgo mdf bases.  This size is suitable for any wrg system games and I plan to use it for A Coat of Steel.  The size of York’s retinue in ACoS is 3 stands of men-at-arms and 9 stands of retinue archers.  Here are the archers.


Again 60×30 bases.  I really like the livery flags so I put a stand with one of those on for every stand without one.


A couple of these livery standard bearers are figures from the kit-bashing I talked about in my last post.  Here are some close-ups of those.  All of them are built up from WotR infantry bodies but with arms from the Light Cavalry set.  The first one was pretty straight-forward, adding a shield from one of the Perry sets.  The guy to the right of the standard bearer is testing the wind.  I had to build up a bit under the arm to get it to look natural like that.  I just trimmed off some sprue and added it in with plastic glue, then a little filler afterwards to smooth it out.



The next one is straightforward also.  The guy to his right is going for more arrows and I imagine he’s yelling at him to get back in line as it’s time to stop shooting and come to blows.  I love the banner.  You can see how I painted around it on the photo though that contrast is hardly apparent outside the photograph.



And this is the one that was really a lot of work.  The right arm comes from the light cavalry.  The left arm is made up from three pieces from the light cavalry (with the brigandine on the shoulder), not sure where I got the elbow, a hand from the men-at-arms and the mace from one of the command sprues.  I think it turned out fine.



Now I remember that the join on the left arm was a little tough to get right and I lost some detail when I filled it, but it seems ok now that it’s painted.  I love York’s blue and white livery with the dragon on it.