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Parthian cataphracts

Here are the Parthian cataphracts that my friend Joe painted for me.  There are two group of twelve figures each from respectively A&A miniatures and Aventine miniatures.  IMG_4094.JPG

They are awesome figures and Joe did a great job painting them up for me.  The A&A figures (the two groups in front) are a mix from their Parthian and Palmyran range of cataphracts.  The Aventine figures (the two groups in back) are from their Parthian/early Sassanid range.  I use them for eastern irregular cataphracts in a number of armies.

Here’s a close-up of the A&A figures:


and of the Aventine figures:


You can probably tell that the Aventine figures are a little more slender, but I don’t think it’s enough difference that you couldn’t mix them in the same unit.  I just had all the A&A ones done before I got the Aventine ones, so they are separate.

I have another couple of 12 fig groups whose bases I haven’t yet finished.  (Why do I need that many cataphracts???)

But because I have these I’ve got my older Old Glory cataphracts for sale Older cataphracts.

Joe also painted up some cataphract generals and they look nice on their round bases:



We put our generals on round bases for ADLG generals that aren’t included in units.  It provides a distinctive easy-to-identify the generals bases.


Legio I Parthica

A vexillation of Legio I Parthica prepared for the Persian campaign:


My friend Joe painted these for me.  Very nice.  The figures are by A&A miniatures from their 3rd century Imperial Roman range.  The shield transfers are by LBMS including a hoplite decal placed on the banner.  It’s a centaur, the symbol of Legio I Parthica.  You can probably see it better on the close-up:


And the other cohort:


Sassanid generals

I painted these figures a long time ago and have just rebased them on the round bases we are using for generals in ADLG.  They are A&A Sassanids.  These are nice figures and I wish I had them to paint over again.


They are beautiful figures and they came out fine I suppose, but I think Persians should have more patterns on their clothes, and horse barding, etc.  I imagine I was in a hurry to get them done at the time, but maybe I was just intimidated about trying to put designs on things.