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Assyrian distraction

Even my distractions have distractions.  The distraction of the week is a couple of stands of Wargames Foundry Assyrian infantry.  I’ve had this lead since it was released and still haven’t found a reason to paint it.  We’re playing ADLG a lot now and this is probably a good occasion to do so.  I’m still not sure as I’m working on a bunch of late medievals – pics coming soon hopefully – and after that I want to do a Central Asian army with the Aventine figures.


My friend Mark had his Assyrians out on the table last Friday and I was reminded of how good they look so I got out a few figures to paint.  They are a fair amount of work to paint because of the accents – that red and white fringed wrap around the bottom of the tunic and the socks with zig-zag patterns on them.  But they do look good.


These would be guardsmen.  I put them on two bases.  In ADLG the two bases would form one unit and act as a single stand.  The guard can be either heavy infantry or medium infantry.  The heavies should have 4 figures on a frontage but with those shields I don’t see how to make that work and still look good.  So I could use these as either as long as I make it clear to my opponent.


ADLG is a great game and I expect you’ll be hearing more about it here.  Not sure whether I’ll do a whole army of these, but they would look pretty!