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Some Arabs for ADLG

We had a mini-tournament for Art De La Guerre (ADLG) here over the weekend.  I used a Sassanid army and I painted up an Arab nomad ally contingent for it.  I imagine these guys are all pretty anachronistic for the 6th century AD but they are unmistakably Arab.  Maybe they’ll fit better in later Muslim armies?  First up some Black Tree Designs camel archers:


I have one small critique to what are otherwise fine figures: there are only two camel poses.  More variety is always better you know.  But these are otherwise awesome figures, and I got great service from BTD in the US.  Every time I order from them the figures are here in less than a week.


Hmmm.  These pictures aren’t great.  The white is very washed out in the photos but in real life there is a nice visible contrast that shows off the details of the figures much better.

In ADLG terms these are medium camels with bows.  They have some nice things going for them: they scare horses so any horses in contact with them are disadvantaged by that.  They fight well in dunes (although I didn’t see any dunes in any of my battles) and they ignore brush.  In the tournament they stood off some Goth cavalry and got the best of some Chinese ones.

They were in a command with these Perry miniatures light cavalry:


I’m not that excited about these figures.  They turned out fine (same problem with the photography and the washout of the white) but what a pain in the 388 to work with.  I’m very tired of all the cleanup required on Perry’s metal figures.  They are just covered with vent flash.  I have an elaborate process of cleaning them up: 1) clean them up using my magnifying hood 2) prime them in light gray so I can see more and clean them up again, then 3) base coat them in black and start painting.  Even after the two step clean-up process I still find vent flash.  I was down to the last color on these and found more of it.  Amazing.

These sculpts are pretty rough by Perry standards I thought.  They reminded me of the Old Glory angular sculpts rather than what I’ve come to expect from Perry in nice free flowing lines.  But for Arab light horse, they’ll do I guess.


In ADLG terms these are light horse with javelin.  They didn’t do too much in the game.  Skirmishers basically keep enemies occupied and they did that.