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Central Asian Cavalry

I finally finished my second group of Central Asian Cavalry.  Figures are from Aventine.  They are mostly Sogdian horse archers but with some steppe nobles mixed in.


These are lovely figures.  This group is on unarmored horses.  For ADLG I will use them as ordinary heavy cavalry (and count the ones on armored horses as elite – when I need to distinguish between the two).  The shield transfers are from Little Big Men.


These are great figures.  Painting them is quite a bit of work.  You want some kind of pattern on their clothes, the bow cases, the quivers.  I’ve done something on all of that.  I’d like to have the skill to put really detailed patterns on all the clothes but I’ve added something on each that is kind of true to the local patterns.

I have some Sogdian lancers from Aventine I’d like to do up as well, but after I finish a couple of stands of Perry Arab cav I’m going to take a break from Central Asian stuff and focus on the War of the Roses for awhile.



Central Asian Generals

Finished a couple of command stands for my Central Asian stuff.  But before we get to that, a couple of mood pieces:


Bad mood that is.  You know you don’t want to be anywhere near these.  They are great figures, from Copplestone, and I plan to put them out on the table for mood setting in all my Central Asian games.  I have a couple with baggage on them also.  But I have camp stands, so I don’t know when I’ll get around to them.

Here is one of the generals:


Aventine as usual.  The general comes from Sassanid command set 3 and the escort is a steppe noble, I think.  I used the steppe noble shields and transfers from LBMS.   Here’s another shot.


And another general, from the same Sassanid command set, also with a steppe noble as an escort.  Hmmm, maybe the one in the pic above is from the Eastern Command set instead.  I’d have to go figure that out.


Luvvvvvv that headgear.  I really have to meet his haberdasher sometime.  More steppe noble shields and transfers.  The transfers are a little too big for the shields.  You can see where I tried to paint around it – that can be a challenge.  But a final shot.



Central Asian Camp Stand

IMG_4163.JPGThese are Perry Miniatures metals.  Lots, and lots, and lots, of cleanup needed.  But once that work is done, they are nice figures.  I need a camp for my Central Asian guys and these fit the bill pretty well.  Turks.  I wish they didn’t have the armbands – I’m not sure how prevalent those were other than during the Crusades, but I didn’t want to file them down and paint them out, so I made the most of them.

For ADLG you need a camp stand, and I have a rally nice Sassanid one, and a nice one for the Venetians.  I need to find cool figures for a Roman camp.  Tents are fine, just kind of dull.  So, if you have any pointers to anything that would look good for middle Romans, please point me to them.


We’ve been playing a lot of ADLG and for that you need a 60×120 camp.  I’ve made this one that size, but the others slightly larger to fit the figures and make a nice scene.


Next up is some Middle Imperial Roman auxilia.  They are done and photographed, just need to create a blog post for them.

After that it’s finishing up just a few more figures for the Central Asians.  Not sure what comes after that.



Aventine Central Asian Cavalry

IMG_4126.JPGI have more of these done also, but this is the first complete group of 12.  They are a mix of Sogdian horse archers, eastern Sassanid command, and steppe nobles.  I bought horses with armor and horses with barding to have a unit of mostly protected horses.  The next unit has none.

These are terrific figures!  They are clean, easy to assemble, and easy to paint.  The horse archers come in several parts with a lot of different attachments.  The lower body and torso are separate so you can pose them firing to whatever angle you would like.  I put mine together to fire mostly forward.  The bow cases are separate so you can go with a case with a strung or unstrung bow.

I intend to use them for a number of Central Asian armies: as a contingent with the Sassanids (what they were designed for by Aventine), as part of an Abbasid army, a Khurasanian army, and, in fact, any cool Central Asian army with a bow armed cavalry contingent.


I ordered a bunch of individual packs of Eastern Sassanids, and just a unit pack of the Steppe Nobles.  The Steppe Nobles blew me away – there are 12 different horses in the pack.  12.

I don’t have any criticism of the Aventine figures at all.  The LBMS shield transfers are small for the shields – maybe I’d say really small.  So there is a lot of painting around the edges that is needed.  It’s ok.  It looks a little hinkey on some of the shields, but mostly it’s fine.  The main problem remains my ability to get these kind of transfers centered on the shields.  If I had it to do over I would just use the shields with bosses that come with the steppe nobles – as the bosses center the transfers for free.

Great figures.  I should have the other unit up here in a couple of weeks.  I got 9 of them done in time for the ADLG tournament this weekend, but I think 12 make up a “unit” (not in ADLG terms of course).


Now I just wish someone would do some nice central asian heavy infantry….




Some foot that will be part of some Central Asian armies.  These figures are from Indus Miniatures.


They are sold as ghazis for a much later period.  I intend to use them as ghazis in an Abbasid army and they have a few other uses as Indian swordsmen types I imagine.  The figures are so nice and so easy to paint, I find myself asking whether there is a way to get a whole army of them.


I only learned about Indus Miniatures recently.  If you scroll down you’ll see a couple of elephants from them that a friend painted for me.  I had great service when I ordered, both times.

My photos don’t bring it out, but these are amazingly well sculpted figures – as nice as anything I’ve seen.  The shields are cast on, which makes the back of them more realistic, but it made me just leave the faces plain black – I can’t paint something like a shield freehand well in any circumstances, but not at all if it isn’t resting on a flat surface.

Anyway, look them up, they have a lot of nice stuff and the service is great.


Aventine Turks

Nothing like the start of a new army.IMG_4117.JPG

I’ve started working on a Central Asian force using Aventine figures.  These two come from their range of steppe cavalry nobles.  The guy holding the severed head is sold by himself as a champion.  The figure holding the standard comes from the lancer pack.  The two of them make up one of the general stands for ADLG.  These are awesome figures!


I ordered a steppe noble unit pack and I was amazed as their were 12 different horses in the pack of 12.  Yes, that is right, 12 different ones!  That’s amazing.

I’m working on a new army, or perhaps set of armies, for ADLG based in central asia.  I was inspired when Aventine released their Sogdians to do this, but it took me a little bit to get around to it.  You’ll soon see 4 stands of cav for ADLG that are a mix of steppe nobles and Sogdians making up the first 4 stands of my central asian army.  They will work for a bunch of different kinds of armies.  I have in mind Khurasanians, Sha-tuo Turks, and Abbasid Arabs for starters.  They look great.


These really are a lot of work to paint.  There is nothing hard about painting them, it’s just that there is so much detail that all needs some care.  I’ll give a fuller review of the figures when the first group of 12 pops off the line.  Soon.