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Flames of War bits for sale

A failed project.  I have started two old UBX07 US 105mm battery sets.  I painted a jeep and crew and two command stands.  The rest of the box is in tact.  I’d like to sell these for $40 each, postage included in the continental US.  If interested, drop me a note at aphillathehun at yahoo dot com.




Seven Years War 28mm Saxon Chevauxleger For Sale

I’m offering three regiments of 28mm SYW Saxon Chevauxleger for sale – each consist of 12 figures including command figures, based, and with the appropriate flag.  The miniatures are Eureka miniatures.  I’d like $120 each and $20 for postage in the Continental US.  If you buy all three I’ll pay postage.

First up is the Price Karl Chevauxleger.




Next is the Prinz Albrecht Chevauxlegers.




And finally the regiment Graf Bruhl




Frankish SAGA Army for Sale

Except for the monks, the figures are all Wargames Foundry.  I’d like $425 for the whole lot – that includes postage in the continental US.  Drop me a note at aphillathehun at yahoo dot com if interested.

There is a warlord.

There are 8 armored warriors that could be two groups of hearthguard or another group of warriors.


There are three groups of 8 unarmored warriors.


Two groups of 12 archers.


12 warrior monks and a bard.


Selling Stuff

Getting rid of various odds and ends.  These are things that were part of projects that didn’t materialize mostly.  I’m interested in selling only in the Continental US and prefer to take paypal.  All prices are postage included for that.  The best thing to do if you are interested is drop me an email at aphillathehun at yahoo dot com.

First up is a set of walls.  I think it’s 40mm but it came as part of a 25mm farm set from Old Glory I think(?).  I put a coat of paint on it but then never really did the work to finish it.  I’ve shown a picture of a 28mm ACW artillery piece next to it so you can see the scale.  Those are some high walls if it’s supposed to be 28.  Anyway $25 for this.



Next up is a Rubicon T-34/76.  Finished, weathered with dust, and perfect for the Eastern Front.  $60.



I also have a pair of Rubicon Pz IV Fs.  A short barreled and a long barreled version.  They are decaled for 21st panzer I think – panzer gray with some light dusting.  I’ll take $55 for each of them.







I guess the rest of projects that haven’t materialized are all German now that I look.  Next up is a Blitzkrieg Panzer III.  I’m not sure what unit it is marked as.  But I went with a very dark panzer grey and a lot of dust weathering.  It’s high contrast.  I’ll take $55 for it.




Switching to late war I have some SdKfz 250s from Warlord Games.  I have two 250/1s each with a machine gunner and a 250/9.  I painted the 250/9 after a picture of an abandoned vehicle in Normandy belonging to 116th panzer IIRC.  I’ll take $55 for each of the 250/1s and would like $60 for the 250/9.



Second 250/1



And here’s the 250/9



And finally I have a 251/1.  I’m not sure whose model it is.  I think it’s a Warlord model.  I’d also like $60 for it.



Thanks for looking!



Some War of the Roses crossbow for sale

I had these painted some time ago and never had a reason to use them.  They are looking for a better home.

Two groups of 16 Old Glory crossbowmen from their 25mm War of the Roses range.  Here is the first:


And the second:


The bases are not finished.  They are just glued down with white glue, so easy to put on different bases.  There are 4 figures each on a 60×30 base.

I’d like $60 for each group and I’ll pay for shipping in the continental US.


Old School Imperial Roman Army For Sale

This is the first army I painted, way, way back.  25mm figures.  It is mostly Hinchcliffe Early Imperial Romans.  I think there are some minifigs mixed in.  I’d like $130 and will ship anywhere in the continental US, shipping included.

It is based on dbm sized bases and includes:

3×6 stand legionaries

1×6 stand auxilia

1×2 stand auxilia

1×6 stand auxilia archers

1×4 stand auxilia cav

1×3 stand auxilia cav

1×3 stand equites singulares

1×3 stand moors


Here are, the legions:


The auxila:


And the mounted:


Note that I accidentally put one stand of the equites singulares in with the auxiliary cavalry, but it it correct in the listing.


Parthian cataphracts for sale

Update: I’ve sold the purple regular looking unit and the general went with it.  I’m offering the two remaining units at a reduced price of $60 per unit and I’ll pay postage in the US.

Here is some painted stuff I’m selling.  There are 36 Parthian cataphracts and 2 for a general stand. The figures are Old Glory 28mm. The figures on the general stand have both lost their weapon, and one has lost a hand as well.  I’ll just include that stand with whoever buys the first lot from this group.  They are all based on dbm sized bases.

I’ll sell them in groups of 12 for $120 or the whole lot for $350.  I’ll pay for postage anywhere in the US.

IMG_3912 IMG_3919

Let me see if these close-ups came out ok (and if I can pair them up).  I painted one group with purple everywhere to be a kind of royal guard group.

IMG_3913 IMG_3918

The other two groups are pretty irregular.  I didn’t pain them myself.

IMG_3914 IMG_3917

and this one

IMG_3915 IMG_3916