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I spent some time finishing the basing on a lot of figures, so there should be a few updates coming fairly quickly.  Basing is the thing about this hobby I just can’t warm to.  So I save it for a long time and then just buckle down and do a whole bunch all at once.  Anyway, here is the Duke of York’s men-at-arms.


Three stands of men-at-arms.  That is the Duke on the stand on the right.  I painted his heraldy by hand.  It came out well, but perhaps not well enough to photograph up close.  These figures are from the Perry men-at-arms box.  The flags and livery badges are from Citadel Six.

Here’s another pic:


They are based on 60 wide by 30 deep Georgo mdf bases.  This size is suitable for any wrg system games and I plan to use it for A Coat of Steel.  The size of York’s retinue in ACoS is 3 stands of men-at-arms and 9 stands of retinue archers.  Here are the archers.


Again 60×30 bases.  I really like the livery flags so I put a stand with one of those on for every stand without one.


A couple of these livery standard bearers are figures from the kit-bashing I talked about in my last post.  Here are some close-ups of those.  All of them are built up from WotR infantry bodies but with arms from the Light Cavalry set.  The first one was pretty straight-forward, adding a shield from one of the Perry sets.  The guy to the right of the standard bearer is testing the wind.  I had to build up a bit under the arm to get it to look natural like that.  I just trimmed off some sprue and added it in with plastic glue, then a little filler afterwards to smooth it out.



The next one is straightforward also.  The guy to his right is going for more arrows and I imagine he’s yelling at him to get back in line as it’s time to stop shooting and come to blows.  I love the banner.  You can see how I painted around it on the photo though that contrast is hardly apparent outside the photograph.



And this is the one that was really a lot of work.  The right arm comes from the light cavalry.  The left arm is made up from three pieces from the light cavalry (with the brigandine on the shoulder), not sure where I got the elbow, a hand from the men-at-arms and the mace from one of the command sprues.  I think it turned out fine.



Now I remember that the join on the left arm was a little tough to get right and I lost some detail when I filled it, but it seems ok now that it’s painted.  I love York’s blue and white livery with the dragon on it.


Venetian Halberdiers

I made these up from the Perry War of the Roses figures.  What makes them Venetian?  Not much really.  I’m not sure they look much like Venetians really looked based on the Ospreys I have – they seem to have been more armored.  But I put them in my red and white colors I’m using for the rest of the Venetians, et voila!


The figures are really nice.  They are very animated, so three figures on a 60×40 is about the most I can get.  I will use them as heavy foot in my ADLG Venetian army.  The poses would have to be a lot more restrained to get 4 of them on a base, so I’ll just have to call out to people they are heavy rather than medium.


I ran out of flags so these guys don’t have flags and I guess that can be good.  I can use them in other armies also.  I don’t know whether these would look appropriate for any Yorkist contingents in the War of the Roses?


Venetian Crossbowmen

I don’t like painting crossbowmen.  I’m not sure why.  I think it’s uncertainty about what the equipment looked like and the amount of details involved in painting all that equipment.  These are nice figures – Perry plastics.  They went together easily and they look good now that they are done.


I’m going with a red and white theme for all my Venetians.  The look is thematic not uniform.  The flag is from Pete’s flags.  It’s an excellent cloth flag.  I wish I had done a better job shaping it.  You can see it has some shaping to it, but not a lot.  That’s on me.


This group of figures makes up a couple of stands of crossbowmen for ADLG.  I can have up to 4 in the Venetian army, so I may do some more, but for now I’m good.


Mounted Crossbowmen

Here are a couple of stands of mounted crossbowmen for my Venetian army.  They could be used for a lot of late medieval armies.  Perry plastics.  I’m not very keen on these figures.


I painted one stand in red and another in green, for no particular reason.  The horses are the same horses you get for the knights.  They are kind of hard to assemble and prep.  I guess mounted crossbowmen rode the same kind of chargers as the heavy knights did?


I expect I’ll paint up a couple of stands as medium horse with crossbow – three figures per stand.  They don’t seem to be made for that kind of density.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll find someone else’s horses to put the riders on.



The start of a new, or a couple of new, projects to distract me.  Late 15th century Venice.  With Perry plastics from the European mercenaries set.


I’m having a lot of fun with the plastics.  I’ve assembled a bunch and painted quite a few.  They are way easier to work with than the Warlord WW2 plastics.  They go together easily.  There’s a lot of cleaning up to do to get them ready to paint but they are very cool.  And because they are plastic there’s a lot you can do with them.  I’ll do a separate post on handling these plastics soonish with some tips from what I’ve learned and some pointers to work of people who really do amazing things with plastics.

Anyway, this is for a Venetian army, late 15th century.  A friend of mine has had an Ottoman army forever and has never had a historical matchup with them (well, maybe once).  I’ve wanted to create a historical opponent for some time, so this is the start of it.


I plan to do an army that can work in the colonies or on the peninsula for Salt Wars perhaps.  I’ve been reading The Deeds of Commander Pietro Mocenigo.  It’s a lot of fun and great inspiration for Venetians raiding around the Aegean.


I have a few condottieri painted but not based and a bunch of stuff assembled.  I got some great flags from Pete’s flags.  So you’ll be seeing more of these soon.