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Polish Firefly

This is a JTFM Die Waffenkammer Sherman Firefly Mk V.  It is a beautiful model.  I depicted a tank from the 24th Polish Lancer Regiment (24 Pulk Ulanow).


I’ve wanted to paint some Polish Shermans for quite a long time.  I have a book about them with lots of great photos.  This is inspired by those photos if not being exactly what one of them represents.


Warlord makes very nice decals for the Polish armored division in Normandy and some other more generic decals for British armor.  It made doing this quite easy.  (Ooops, yes I need to touch up that rolled up tarp on the back deck – what you can see with a camera, eh?)


This is a good shot of the rear decals.  The decals are really a breeze to put on.  I left the storage box on the rear deck as a relatively new addition for this crew but may go back and weather it some also.  It looks a little too new compared to the rest of the tank.


That blue circle silvered badly and I couldn’t do anything other than to finally just paint over the silvering in the end.  I generally don’t have that problem with any decals, but I think it’s the large blank area that made it problematic.

I did two kinds of weathering on this model – I used some acrylic texturing gel applied around the hull on every side before painting it, then after most of it was done I went back and painted that brown with some highlighting in hopes of depicting some dried on mud.


I gave the vehicle an overall dusty look with the painting technique of Steven Zaloga – the lower parts of the hull are painted khaki drab then oversprayed with brown and some deck tan lightly up on the sides, then after sealing, an overall enamel wash to produce a dusty appearance.  It looks pretty good I think.

At some point I’ll do 3 regular shermans to go with it.