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Middle Imperial Roman Auxilia

My friend Joe painted a couple of units of Auxilia for me.  These are notionally eastern auxilia units, recently recruited, unarmoured with helmets of local manufacture, but Roman shields.  I used the Aventine Sassanid spearmen standing with the oval Middle Imperial Roman shields.  I think he did a great job painting them, and these are some of my favorite, generally useful figures.


I suppose I should name the units.  Each pair of stands, front and back, count as a unit/stand in ADLG, but I kept them on generic WRG/DBM style bases for other potential uses at some point in the future.  I love this particular shield pattern.


Here is the other unit.


That’s a very busy shield pattern.  It reminds me of shields that were dug up in Dura-Europos.  I think these make fine Eastern auxilia for my Middle Imperial Roman army.


I need to get these into a game now.



Legio I Parthica

A vexillation of Legio I Parthica prepared for the Persian campaign:


My friend Joe painted these for me.  Very nice.  The figures are by A&A miniatures from their 3rd century Imperial Roman range.  The shield transfers are by LBMS including a hoplite decal placed on the banner.  It’s a centaur, the symbol of Legio I Parthica.  You can probably see it better on the close-up:


And the other cohort:


Legio XV Appolinarus

I’ve started collecting forces in anticipation of Aurelian from Sam Mustafa.  Conveniently they can all also be used for ADLG which is the current rage here.  I’m doing legions facing East, guys that could have been involved in wars with the Sassanids.  Legio XV was stationed in what is today Turkey along the edge of the empire.


The figures are by A&A miniatures and the transfers are by LBMS.  Apollo was the emblem of Legio VX so I fancy the dude on the shield to be their representation of him.  These figures are relatively lighter than the rest of the legion figures I have, and I gave them javelins rather than pila, so they could be auxilia just as easily.


My friend Joe painted these for me.  He did a fantastic job, don’t you think?  I finished the bases.  Looks like I need to hit the shields with another coat of dullcote to get the sheen off the shields.


Joe has finished painting a bunch of other figures, I just haven’t done the basing yet.  But look to see those in the not too distant future.

Marcus Aurelius

I’m looking forward to Sam Mustafa’s Aurelian rules later this year.  I have some legionaries in process that I hope to show here soon, painted by my good friend Joe.

This is a general stand I’ll use.  It’s from the Marcus Aurelius set by Aventine miniatures.  It’s anachornistic for the Aurelian era so I may get around to replacing it with an in-period general at some point, but for now, this is it.


I’m quite taken with both the Praetorian, and the standard bearer.  This picture shows off the standard bearer’s coat and the LBMS transfers for their shields.


Aventine really is best in class when it comes to 28mm ancients on the market today.

I keep experimenting with photographing figures, mostly unsuccessfully.  But here’s one on a white background I think.


And one sized for a link on the Steve Dean forum.


Auxilium Tencteri

More Early Imperial Romans from Aventine.  I love these figures.  I got these really a long time ago and they’ve been sitting on the table crying out to be painted.  I finally got to them.


I managed to get 15 figures on the stand.  It’s 120×60 I think.  I chose to go with the full unit on a stand for aesthetic reasons.  It looks nice.  If I’d planned a little better I might have managed 16 figs on the stand, but the guys with the skins use a fair amount of real estate.


I got this as a unit deal and it comes with two standard bearer types and a musician with skins.  Gorgeous figures.  All of the figures are gorgeous figures.

Here’s a close-up of my favorite – the officer.


He really should be on a stand by himself.  You can’t see all the detail on the armor all that well when he’s in among the rest of the guys.   But it’s a great figure.

The shields are LBMS transfers of course – makes doing these kind of armies easy.


I have completed and displayed earlier the Equites Singulares.  I have a cohort of legionaries who are now screaming for my attention.  Soon hopefully.


I absolutely love the red on these guys.  The LBMS shield transfers really set these great figures off.


They are Aventine’s Equites Singulares.  When I saw them released I had to have them.  And they do not disappoint – they are some of the nicest figures I’ve ever painted.   They are a breeze to paint too.  There’s a lot of detail but everything is cleanly sculpted.  Check out the detail on these helmets:


And a closeup of the shield transfers also:


Now I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them.  I don’t have a rules set in mind.  I had stuck the first 6 on WRG size bases – 3 horses on a 60mm front – but I really didn’t like the way they looked.  I could make that work, but in the end I decided to put them in pairs on 2″ square bases.  It’s a nice size for them.  As I was painting them I was thinking how tedious it was to paint all that leather, but now that I’m done I couldn’t be happier with them.  And wonder if I should paint another unit of them!

One last photo:


I have some Aventine EIR foot.  Hopefully I’ll find some time to work on them soon.  Not sure how to base them either….


Equites Singulares Then and Now

The first miniature army I painted was Early Imperial Roman with Hinchcliffe Romans.  At least I think they were Hinchcliffe.  It was a very long time ago.  I still have that army.   I had 6 figures of Equites Singulares, Reg A, HC, JLS, Sh.  Remember them?  I remember them being ridden over pretty easily by some Byzantine Reg B, HC, L, B, Hand Grenades and Automatic Weapons regularly.  I’m doing the unit again.  Here are a couple of stands new and old side-by-side.


I’m also going to do some new and old shots of legionaries.  I’m more proud of the legionaries than I am of this unit.  It was fine.

But what a long way we’ve come!  The figs on the left are Aventine miniatures of course.  Here are some more shots of them:


Gorgeous, aren’t they?  I bought a unit pack of 12 figs.  As soon as I saw them I thought, I’ll paint 24, or maybe 27 (so I could use them as two units of 12, or a single unit of 24 with 1 command stand).  I’ve calmed down a bit since then.  There are a lot of details to paint on these guys.  And painting the leather pteruges is pretty tedious.  I’ll finish the 12 but doubt I’ll do more.  I think these are the nicest figures I’ve ever painted.  There are some nice foot figs too.


The shields and the standard are courtesy of Little Big Men Studios of course.  What did we do before them?  There is no way I’d do this unit without transfers from them now.  Probably no way I’d do an EIR army.  I can’t paint shields like that, and whatever effort I made to come close would be titantic.

Here they are from behind:


I haven’t finished the bases because I’m not sure I’m going to stick with this basing.  It’s three on a 60mm frontage – WRG style.  I think the time for that has passed.  The command figs fit no prob but I had to use a fairly deep base (50mm) to get the soldiers in that frontage by staggering them back.  Not sure what I’m going to use them for, so I may switch to a wider frontage.

And I continue to struggle mightily with photography….