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Venetian Halberdiers

I made these up from the Perry War of the Roses figures.  What makes them Venetian?  Not much really.  I’m not sure they look much like Venetians really looked based on the Ospreys I have – they seem to have been more armored.  But I put them in my red and white colors I’m using for the rest of the Venetians, et voila!


The figures are really nice.  They are very animated, so three figures on a 60×40 is about the most I can get.  I will use them as heavy foot in my ADLG Venetian army.  The poses would have to be a lot more restrained to get 4 of them on a base, so I’ll just have to call out to people they are heavy rather than medium.


I ran out of flags so these guys don’t have flags and I guess that can be good.  I can use them in other armies also.  I don’t know whether these would look appropriate for any Yorkist contingents in the War of the Roses?



Venetian Crossbowmen

I don’t like painting crossbowmen.  I’m not sure why.  I think it’s uncertainty about what the equipment looked like and the amount of details involved in painting all that equipment.  These are nice figures – Perry plastics.  They went together easily and they look good now that they are done.


I’m going with a red and white theme for all my Venetians.  The look is thematic not uniform.  The flag is from Pete’s flags.  It’s an excellent cloth flag.  I wish I had done a better job shaping it.  You can see it has some shaping to it, but not a lot.  That’s on me.


This group of figures makes up a couple of stands of crossbowmen for ADLG.  I can have up to 4 in the Venetian army, so I may do some more, but for now I’m good.


Mounted Crossbowmen

Here are a couple of stands of mounted crossbowmen for my Venetian army.  They could be used for a lot of late medieval armies.  Perry plastics.  I’m not very keen on these figures.


I painted one stand in red and another in green, for no particular reason.  The horses are the same horses you get for the knights.  They are kind of hard to assemble and prep.  I guess mounted crossbowmen rode the same kind of chargers as the heavy knights did?


I expect I’ll paint up a couple of stands as medium horse with crossbow – three figures per stand.  They don’t seem to be made for that kind of density.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll find someone else’s horses to put the riders on.


Hungarian Hussars

I’ve finished mostly my ADLG Venetians.  I still have to get some more dismounted knights done, but I’ve got enough to field the army now.  Along the way I was thinking I might do Hungarians from the same period (post 1450) and painted a couple of stands of Hungarian hussars.  These figures are from The Assault Group.  I’m not sure what they are actually but they were on the painting bench and looked the part, so they got painted and named.


I generally prefer to use LBMS shield transfers but couldn’t find any for these so just painted them by hand.  The red one with the yellow pattern on the end came out pretty well, so overall I’m pleased with these.  The red one with the white dots looks better in person than in this photo.


I love The Assault Group eastern renaissance range.  I have an austensibly Hungarian army for the early Thirty Years War with more of the figs.  They are a joy to paint.  Clean-up has always been easy and they are sculpted nicely for my painting style.


I have a bunch of figures for my Venetians I hope to get up in the next few days.


Venetian condotta


And here are some Venetian knights.  Well, they are mostly generic late medieval knights, but a few of them have flags that are appropriate to Venice.  Other than that, there is nothing particularly Venetian about them.

These are all Perry plastic figures from their mounted men-at-arms box.  This group has lances held upright.  You can set them up to be like this, or charging, or at an angle in between.

The flag is a Venetian flag by Pete’s flags.  You can find them in his ebay store (  They are printed on cloth and extremely nice.


I have a bunch of Perry plastics.  You’ll be seeing more pics of them as soldiers for this army.  The mounted men-at-arms box is my least favorite.  I have two main gripes: 1) the riders don’t sit the horses well.  This is particularly true of the rider with the tabard, but I’ve been surprised how many of the riders have come off while I’m painting them for me to find there was barely a touch point for the glue.  In that case I just use super glue to put them back on, liberally applied.  2) the horses have a nasty, very nasty, seam down the middle of their rumps in back.  I tried several ways to deal with this, and finally have settled on using tamiya putty to fill the crack.  I put it on liberally and then smooth it with plastic cement.  I still have to do it twice on some of the horses – I prime it, take a good look at it, sand it, and if that doesn’t work apply more putty.


The end result is nice.  Here’s the second group:


I built this group with various hand weapons.  I quite like the ones with the swords extended, but they are all nice.  Again Pete’s flags.  The one on the left is again the flag of Sigismondo Malatesta.   In ADLG you can include or not your generals in the units.  If he’s included in a unit, I’ll use this stand for him.  If not, I’ll use the command stand pictured in the previous post.


I painted these horses using a rif on the oil-rubbing method, and techniques for weathering afvs.  In the oil rubbing method you put on a coat of oil paint, let it sit for awhile, then rub it off with a sponge or bath tissue or an old t-shirt or something.  I put on a much thinner coat of paint, then took it off from the highlights by running a brush wetted down with mineral spirits.  You get a lot of control that way and it’s still pretty easy.


And lastly, here is half of my camp stand for them, for ADLG.  Again, these would fit in any late medieval army.  In ADLG you put your camp on a 60×120, but can go larger if you want to be “artistic.”  I’m putting two 60×80 bases together for mine.  This is one of them, the cardinals and priests.  This is a Perry metal set.  I painted it like the example on their website.


Venetian command stands

Here are the commanders for my Venetian army.  A mix of Ventflash Miniatures (er, Perry Miniatures) metals and plastics.


These can be the not-included commanders for ADLG, or command stands for any rulesset I suppose.  They are from left-to-right, Sigismondo Malatesta, a condottieri who would be the CnC, and two generic generals, the rightmost one part of a Venetian army, but the center one could be a general in any late medieval army.


The two figures on the center stand are from the Edward IV set from Perry Miniatures, so maybe I have a Yorkist WotR army in my future too?


The flags are from Pete’s flags in the UK (search on the UK ebay site for 28mm cloth flags).  They are printed on cloth, very nice, and very easy to use.  I highly recommend them.