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French WW1 platoon begins

I’ve started working on a WW1 French platoon for Chain of Command.  The figures are by Woodbine Designs.  I have a few more figures done than these command figures, but here they are.



Actually I think the officer (the guy with the pistol and cap) is an old Artizan figure that was in my figure pile.  The Woodbine figures come with separate heads so you can make them to be a lot of different things.  Initially I thought I’d make them as legere for the beginning of Verdun, but the helmets have grenades rather than hunting horns, and I decided for the beginning of Verdun the figures should have a lot of extra skins and stuff to keep them warm.  So I repurposed these for mid summer as regular line infantry.

I haven’t figured out what to do about the guys carrying V-B launchers.  I imagine I’ll just use some plastic tubing on the end of the rifles from these figures.  Brigade Games makes appropriate figures but they are in full packs and the Woodbine ones are in light kit.  I’d like them all to be the same I guess.