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Start of a smallish project.   Well, it could be a fairly large project but my part of it is small.  I’m doing the Japanese Carrier Strike Force for Midway.  Here are the carriers:


I guess you can read the labels :-).  The models are ghq.  This shot pretty much features the decals from Flight Deck decals: Link to Flight Deck Decals.  They are very nice. I was worried about whether they would be hard to use because of their size, but they went on really smoothly.


You may be able to see on the Kaga that the red bled into the white and gray of the decal.  I’m not sure exactly why.  I noticed this on one of the other decals as well, but on that one it only bled around the edge of the gray.  I painted over the gray with Foundry Slate Gray C which is pretty close to a perfect match for the gray on these decals.  I had a couple of touch up spots on the wooden flight decks and I used Golden Skin from Reaper for those.  I think I’ll paint some planes and put them on front of Kaga to better hide the bleed.



Now all I have to do is paint a couple of battleshipes, a couple of cruisers, a bunch of destroyers and I’ll be all done!


M10s for the Yanks

I think this is the last of the supports I’m doing for my Americans for Chain of Command.  It’s a pair of M10 tank destroyers from Warlord.


Apologies for the photos.  I couldn’t find my camera and so snapped these with my phone.  (My phone isn’t bad at taking pics but it’s not quite the same).  The models turned out fairly well compared with what I thought they would be.  There was a lot of patching to the hull on one of the models and some patching on the hull of the other.  You can see if you look closely and it probably shows up on the pictures pretty clearly.


For my American forces I now have a full US infantry rifle platoon and a weapons platoon.  I painted up enough alternate command figures to use them as an armored rifle platoon from an armored division if we want to have a game like that, but the infantry are marked as US 90th infantry division and that’s how I intend to use them.  I have an FOO to bring in a devastating off-table mortar barrage, a 3″ anti-tank gun, a .50-cal (that could be part of the weapons platoon as they had one mounted on a jeep), 3 Shermans, and these 2 M10s.


Rubicon T-34/76 completed

I’ve been working on this slowly since my review post after assembling this and it’s now done.  I think.  I may go over the tracks to make the metal look worn but I’m not sure.  That’s visible in a lot of historical pics but not in all, and I don’t really want to call attention to that part of this model which is its weak link.  (ha)


I thought about making it a winter camo tank as I really like doing that, but opted for the dusty, summer of ’42 on the steppes (TM) look.


I added a couple of wood crates as additional stowage but nothing else.  You can see where I did a rather poor job of filling the hole on the back of this model.  It doesn’t show up that much unless you look close, but those kinds of things stare back at you in photos.


I absolutely love the decal sheet that comes with the model.  And the decals went on like a breeze and I had to do hardly anything about silvering with them.

I’ll have to get a couple more of these.

US Sherman Tanks

Models by JTFM/Die Waffenkammer.  These are beautiful models.  JTFM is my favorite maker of resin 1/56 vehicles.  High quality models professionally delivered.


I put together three of them.  That’s a nice group though I’m really tempted to do 2 more to have a 5 tank section.  Not that I know what I’d actually do with 5 tanks on the game table but it would be nice to have them!


I don’t think having all these vehicles will turn my favorite game,  Chain of Command, into a tank game but we might get these all on the table tomorrow!


And here are a few close-ups of one of the tanks.  I’m basically using Steven Zaloga’s techniques from his book on painting American armor.  It’s pretty straightforward really.  He has a nice OD formula with some suggestions on lightening it to get some effects on the model and then using washes for the dust effects.  It seems to be a fairly believable dusty Sherman technique.

IMG_3732 IMG_3733 IMG_3734

The decals are from a couple of sheets of decals from Warlord Games.  Those decals are extremely easy to use!  I love them.

Some Support for the Aufklarung

We’ll start out with a Pak 40.  It’s a Warlord model.  It’s ok.  Doesn’t come with enough crew for Chain of Command.  I’m not actually sure where the rest of the crew came from although I’m pretty sure I bought it recently.  Ugh.


I’d post the frontal shot but looking at it after photographing makes me realize I need to touch up around the eyes of a couple of the guys.  Eek.  For Chain of Command the AT guns need 5 crew and a leader.  I’ll have to get another guy somewhere for the crew.  And a leader.  I pulled this chap to be a leader but then realized he really belongs with my winter Germans.  Another project.



I’d post a picture, but WordPress seems to have stopped uploading pics.  Nice.  Maybe if I leave my computer for awhile and come back it will start working again.  But hey, it’s free (well, remember, when it’s free, YOU are the product).



Another easy support is the panzershreck.  These things are bad news in Chain of Command.  Basically any allied vehicle they touch is toast.  Excellent.  This is a warlord pair.  They are very nice figures.  And looks like they have plenty of ammo.

And they come in a pack with the flamethrower duet.  I love the way Warlord does these flamethrowers with the spout of flame coming out.  I have a Fallschirmjager version with the same thing.  I absolutely love it.



I’ll go ahead and hit publish.  Maybe the pics will come along later….

And a Stug IIIG

Everyone has to have a Stug IIIG for their late war Germans, right?


This is also by Warlord.  Starting out I wasn’t too optimistic about it either, but I’m really very pleased with it and how it came out.  I clipped off half the side skirts on the right side to give it a bit of a beaten look.  That was really easy to do and it still came together really well.   I don’t know whether late StuGs should have zimmerit.  This model doesn’t.


The markings are pretty minimal but looking at lots of pictures of StuGs it seems like often the markings on them were pretty minimal.  I guess it allows me to use it with any kind of unit I concoct.

I just threw some pigments onto the tracks and roadwheels to give some dust.  I think that’s a bit overdone.  So there’s more to learn.

I like this model a lot and would recommend it.

Warlord Panzer IVH

Just off the painting table.  It came out ok, I think.


I don’t like the model very much.  You really can’t build it without the hull skirts.  It was designed to have them on.  There are three chunks of resin in the side where you put the mounting brackets for the side skirts and it would probably be impossible to take those off.  And then there is no depth to the roadwheels.  So it wouldn’t look very good even if you could take the mounting spots off.


Still mounting the side skirts is a pain.  You can see I didn’t do a great job with it, and it’s mounted on top of the paint.  If I did it again I’d do it differently I suspect – put the mounting brackets on the hull, paint everything, then mount the skirts and paint them.  Live and learn.

All that being said I think it turned out fairly well.  The decals are from a Peddinghaus sheet and the tank represents a Pz IV from Panzer Lehr.  And yes, if you see the photograph of the vehicle they just slapped the numbers over the cross on the back of the turret.  So, so did I.


I want to do some more Panzer IVs but I think I’ll wait for JTFM to make a version with zimmerit before I do any more.