Selling Stuff

Getting rid of various odds and ends.  These are things that were part of projects that didn’t materialize mostly.  I’m interested in selling only in the Continental US and prefer to take paypal.  All prices are postage included for that.  The best thing to do if you are interested is drop me an email at aphillathehun at yahoo dot com.

First up is a set of walls.  I think it’s 40mm but it came as part of a 25mm farm set from Old Glory I think(?).  I put a coat of paint on it but then never really did the work to finish it.  I’ve shown a picture of a 28mm ACW artillery piece next to it so you can see the scale.  Those are some high walls if it’s supposed to be 28.  Anyway $25 for this.



Next up is a Rubicon T-34/76.  Finished, weathered with dust, and perfect for the Eastern Front.  $60.



I also have a pair of Rubicon Pz IV Fs.  A short barreled and a long barreled version.  They are decaled for 21st panzer I think – panzer gray with some light dusting.  I’ll take $55 for each of them.







I guess the rest of projects that haven’t materialized are all German now that I look.  Next up is a Blitzkrieg Panzer III.  I’m not sure what unit it is marked as.  But I went with a very dark panzer grey and a lot of dust weathering.  It’s high contrast.  I’ll take $55 for it.




Switching to late war I have some SdKfz 250s from Warlord Games.  I have two 250/1s each with a machine gunner and a 250/9.  I painted the 250/9 after a picture of an abandoned vehicle in Normandy belonging to 116th panzer IIRC.  I’ll take $55 for each of the 250/1s and would like $60 for the 250/9.



Second 250/1



And here’s the 250/9



And finally I have a 251/1.  I’m not sure whose model it is.  I think it’s a Warlord model.  I’d also like $60 for it.



Thanks for looking!



Central Asian Cavalry

I finally finished my second group of Central Asian Cavalry.  Figures are from Aventine.  They are mostly Sogdian horse archers but with some steppe nobles mixed in.


These are lovely figures.  This group is on unarmored horses.  For ADLG I will use them as ordinary heavy cavalry (and count the ones on armored horses as elite – when I need to distinguish between the two).  The shield transfers are from Little Big Men.


These are great figures.  Painting them is quite a bit of work.  You want some kind of pattern on their clothes, the bow cases, the quivers.  I’ve done something on all of that.  I’d like to have the skill to put really detailed patterns on all the clothes but I’ve added something on each that is kind of true to the local patterns.

I have some Sogdian lancers from Aventine I’d like to do up as well, but after I finish a couple of stands of Perry Arab cav I’m going to take a break from Central Asian stuff and focus on the War of the Roses for awhile.


Central Asian Generals

Finished a couple of command stands for my Central Asian stuff.  But before we get to that, a couple of mood pieces:


Bad mood that is.  You know you don’t want to be anywhere near these.  They are great figures, from Copplestone, and I plan to put them out on the table for mood setting in all my Central Asian games.  I have a couple with baggage on them also.  But I have camp stands, so I don’t know when I’ll get around to them.

Here is one of the generals:


Aventine as usual.  The general comes from Sassanid command set 3 and the escort is a steppe noble, I think.  I used the steppe noble shields and transfers from LBMS.   Here’s another shot.


And another general, from the same Sassanid command set, also with a steppe noble as an escort.  Hmmm, maybe the one in the pic above is from the Eastern Command set instead.  I’d have to go figure that out.


Luvvvvvv that headgear.  I really have to meet his haberdasher sometime.  More steppe noble shields and transfers.  The transfers are a little too big for the shields.  You can see where I tried to paint around it – that can be a challenge.  But a final shot.



Middle Imperial Roman Auxilia

My friend Joe painted a couple of units of Auxilia for me.  These are notionally eastern auxilia units, recently recruited, unarmoured with helmets of local manufacture, but Roman shields.  I used the Aventine Sassanid spearmen standing with the oval Middle Imperial Roman shields.  I think he did a great job painting them, and these are some of my favorite, generally useful figures.


I suppose I should name the units.  Each pair of stands, front and back, count as a unit/stand in ADLG, but I kept them on generic WRG/DBM style bases for other potential uses at some point in the future.  I love this particular shield pattern.


Here is the other unit.


That’s a very busy shield pattern.  It reminds me of shields that were dug up in Dura-Europos.  I think these make fine Eastern auxilia for my Middle Imperial Roman army.


I need to get these into a game now.


Central Asian Camp Stand

IMG_4163.JPGThese are Perry Miniatures metals.  Lots, and lots, and lots, of cleanup needed.  But once that work is done, they are nice figures.  I need a camp for my Central Asian guys and these fit the bill pretty well.  Turks.  I wish they didn’t have the armbands – I’m not sure how prevalent those were other than during the Crusades, but I didn’t want to file them down and paint them out, so I made the most of them.

For ADLG you need a camp stand, and I have a rally nice Sassanid one, and a nice one for the Venetians.  I need to find cool figures for a Roman camp.  Tents are fine, just kind of dull.  So, if you have any pointers to anything that would look good for middle Romans, please point me to them.


We’ve been playing a lot of ADLG and for that you need a 60×120 camp.  I’ve made this one that size, but the others slightly larger to fit the figures and make a nice scene.


Next up is some Middle Imperial Roman auxilia.  They are done and photographed, just need to create a blog post for them.

After that it’s finishing up just a few more figures for the Central Asians.  Not sure what comes after that.



Venetian Halberdiers

I made these up from the Perry War of the Roses figures.  What makes them Venetian?  Not much really.  I’m not sure they look much like Venetians really looked based on the Ospreys I have – they seem to have been more armored.  But I put them in my red and white colors I’m using for the rest of the Venetians, et voila!


The figures are really nice.  They are very animated, so three figures on a 60×40 is about the most I can get.  I will use them as heavy foot in my ADLG Venetian army.  The poses would have to be a lot more restrained to get 4 of them on a base, so I’ll just have to call out to people they are heavy rather than medium.


I ran out of flags so these guys don’t have flags and I guess that can be good.  I can use them in other armies also.  I don’t know whether these would look appropriate for any Yorkist contingents in the War of the Roses?


Venetian Crossbowmen

I don’t like painting crossbowmen.  I’m not sure why.  I think it’s uncertainty about what the equipment looked like and the amount of details involved in painting all that equipment.  These are nice figures – Perry plastics.  They went together easily and they look good now that they are done.


I’m going with a red and white theme for all my Venetians.  The look is thematic not uniform.  The flag is from Pete’s flags.  It’s an excellent cloth flag.  I wish I had done a better job shaping it.  You can see it has some shaping to it, but not a lot.  That’s on me.


This group of figures makes up a couple of stands of crossbowmen for ADLG.  I can have up to 4 in the Venetian army, so I may do some more, but for now I’m good.